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Personal Injury and Worker's Compensation Lawyer

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Our Specialties

Personal Injury
No one can give back a life when it has been severely altered as a result of a catastrophic personal injury, but I do everything possible to help recover financial compensation for medical bills, income loss, emotional and physical pain, disability and lives that have been destroyed.

California State Workers' Compensation Injury Claims
In California, employers are required to carry Workers' Compensation insurance, or qualify for self-insurance to cover such injuries. This may cover benefits for lost earnings during recovery from an injury, reimbursement of medical expenses, and compensation for any permanent impairment or disability.

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Our Mission
Scott Blumen has been representing the people of San Diego for over 20 yearsOur firm produces favorable results because of our clearly-defined mission to listen to clients and achieve their goals through responsible and effective representation on a cost-efficient basis. We are a highly qualified, experienced, ethical firm dedicated to representing our client's best interests.

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1. Attentive, personal care

2. Experienced Legal Professional who knows the system

3.An expert personal injury and workman's comp lawyer on your side

Your attorney should fight for you and be your advocate.
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